The Only Goetta Recipe You’ll Need

10 hours
Prep: 30 minutes | Cook: 1-2 hours | Servings: approximately 32 - 2 oz portions.

1 cup or 6 oz (dry wt)           steel cut oats

2  cups                                      boiling water

3  each                                      bay leaves (dry)

1 cube                                       chicken bouillon

¾ lb                                          ground beef chuck 80/20

1 lb                                            ground pork

1 ½ Tbsp                                 kosher salt

½ (large)                                 yellow onion diced fine

2 Tbsp                                      fresh cracked pepper

In a glass measuring cup,  combine oats, bay leaves, and bouillon with the boiling water – cover container with plastic wrap and let sit on the counter overnight.

Note: Chicken bouillon adds a distinct flavor and sometimes has msg – this is a personal preference – you can substitute 2 cups of chicken stock for the bouillon cube and the water if desired but if you do use any type of stock the mixture should rest in the refrigerator overnight after it has thoroughly cooled.

Combine remaining ingredients with cooled, steeped oats and mix thoroughly – a potato masher works great for stirring and mixing.

Place in crock pot or other slow cooker and begin heating on high.

Cook slowly for 1-2 hours while mixing every 15 minutes.  Overall time will depend on preference for “crunchiness” of the oats – more time =softer oats.  After about an hour you should begin tasting the mix to cook to your preference on texture.

Remove from pot and place into molds such as meatloaf pan or form into sausage rounds using plastic wrap.

Chill or freeze quickly.

Fold approximitely 12 oz of sausage mixture into heavy-duty plastic wrap.

Lightly shape sausage into a round tube and begin to wind the ends tightly in the same direction.

smooth the sausage into a round form by rolling gently on a smooth countertop.

Sausage can be made to your preferred size. Refrigerate or freeze immediately.

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  1. Oh man, I goetta have this! (See what I did there?) Iso shia vide an option for the slow cooking part?


      Unfortunately sous vide is not the best platform for this recipe. The key is agitation. You need to release the starch throughout the mixture in order for it to develop the right consistency.

  2. I’ve never had or heard of Goetta, but it sounds a lot like Irish white pudding. Think I’m going to have to give this a go. Thank you!


      I looked up irish White Pudding – they look very similar. Goetta is a German influenced sausage. I think you’ll like it. The batch is small enough and inexpensive enough to experiment on workout losing the mortgage. I hope you try it

  3. Heather Stephens

    Just to clarify – in the first step, I add boiling water to the oats, bouillion and bay leaves and then put in fridge overnight after it cools down a bit. Am I understanding that correctly?


      You can refrigerate it. I leave mine out on the counter. But you are correct with everything.

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